1995 to 2013 

- Exhibitions at the Art Expo in New York. 
- Japanese Exhibitions at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Gallery.
- Exhibits at the Carlton Hotel Gallery in Cannes, France

- With the Brücke Gallery in Tokyo, exhibits in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Saporo, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and the Suiya Gallery in Tokyo. 
- Registered in the Benezit New Edition, 1999. 
- In the United Stated, exhibitions at the Opera Gallery in New York (2000) and at the Opera Gallery in Miami (2005). 
- Exhibitions at the Opera Gallery in Singapore. 
- Large exhibition at the Gallery Elegance in Tapeï (Taïwan). 
- In Europe, he shows his works permanently at the Martinez Hotel Fine Art Gallery in Cannes (France). 
- In Germany, exhibits at the Petrov Gallery in Frankfurt and at the Van Dyck Art Gallery in Antwerp,Belgium. 
- Special exhibition « Art Fever » at the Bunkamura Museum of Tokyo, Japan.